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Before developing this site, I spent hundreds of hours - I do not claim to have the answers to other peoples' medical problems, but after thirty years of living and working with my own bipolar II mood disorder (lots of depression interspersed with periodic outbursts of high energy and irritability), I learned how to restore and maintain normal mood without adverse effects. SEAR Publications shares information which helps me live well and work with a chronic mood disorder. I enjoy consulting with and helping other people who suffer with periodic mood disorder episodes. My depression survivor tips have helped people to survive, cope, learn and find effective mental healthcare. The goal of my depression coaching advice is to help depressed people learn, live well, work and provide for their financial needs!

Approximately 30% of the clients of my professional financial consulting practice suffer periodically with mental health problems, such as chronic depression and other conditions which involve episodes of depression. I do not guarantee that my information will help every person who suffers with depression. I developed depression survivor's tips to be encouraging and supportive. I share what works for me and for other people who I consulted with. After decades of recurring episodes of depression and ongoing mood disorder symptoms, I have been stable since 1996.

This site is for information purposes only. This site is not intended to substitute for or replace medical or other professional healthcare. I cannot presently respond to e-mail comments, questions or suggestions but I am offering layman's guides for sale through this site. As time permits, I respond to questions which come by mail.

I have no wish to share false hope. Quality mental healthcare is not always easy to find. If you are searching for help, consider this: if I can make positive progress after thirty years of mood disorder problems, it is possible that other depressed people can use my tips and traps, information and layman's guides to learn about -

Thank you for your interest and your patience.

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