Peace of Mind About Mental Illness

A Book Review by Robert Sealey, BSc, CA

The truth about mental illness is that it is perplexing, problematic, involuntary, distressing, painful, multidimensional, embarrassing and stigmatized. The title of this book appears to promise something impossible. You are right to question whether this book can deliver peace of mind about mental illness. Do not be put off by the optimistic title. Do not assume there is no good information about mental illness. Do not doubt that you can learn about this difficult topic. This Guide introduces a wealth of positive possibilities to guide you toward peace of mind about mental illness.

I tested the concept by using reference books to develop peace of mind about my own mood disorder mental illness. My bipolar condition troubled me for over thirty years with episodes of depression, anxiety and related problems. After educating myself about the facts, I became comfortable with my human fallibilities. I learned about the involuntary symptoms, how the condition is diagnosed and treated, how other people cope with mental illness, how healthcare professionals handle their own mood disorders, how the condition can be inherited, how conventional, European and orthomolecular doctors treat and how a variety of medical, genetic, psychological and environmental factors can be involved. Good information gave me peace of mind.

When you or someone you care about is unwell with an episode of depression, anxiety or schizophrenia, it is not easy to find competent advice and insightful information. When the thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams of a mental health patient are negatively skewed, he needs help. If you are curious to learn the facts about mental illness, you can use the references in this Guide to understand the illness, make positive progress, cope and cooperate with healthcare professionals.

The references in this Guide were written by medical professionals, scientists, researchers, writers and survivors. Each book shares clear, helpful and useful information for laymen. Every writer focuses on his point of view in keeping with his individual background, education and experience. You would be wise to read several books as you investigate the range of facts about mental illness. Each book will teach you something different. The more you know, the more peace of mind you can get.

Before I learned the truth, it was painfully difficult for me to cope with seemingly inexplicable moods and inconsistent brain functions. As I read the facts about mental illness, my fear gradually turned into fascination. With proper diagnosis and effective treatment, my condition stabilized. I learned to live well with a mood disorder.

If I can develop peace of mind about mental illness after living with a mood disorder for thirty years, it is my respectful suggestion that anyone can do the same thing - no matter how dark their despair or how difficult their illness. This Guide shares many of the books that helped me. These books can help you learn scientific and medical facts, assess quality of care and find your own peace of mind about mental illness.

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